Film & Video Production with heart and mind
by Mark von Schlemmer & associates

writing, producing, directing, editing and graphics
with complete post-production capabilities.



The latest Blue Planet Revolutions Demo Reel!


The latest short documentary produced wholly by Blue Planet Revolutions :



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A Music Video produced by Blue Planet Revolutions
with borrowed music (no money was involved in this production)
that tells the story of a rescued animal: The Story of Howie the Pig

Howie the Pig!


Some links to films on YouTube by Blue Planet Revolutions:

Trailer for Kansas vs. Darwin

Numbers . . . What do they mean?
What numbers are acceptable? Which are not?
The colorful hosts of this experimental video that look on with us at these disturbing images may disagree on the answers to these last two questions with most omnivorous human animals.

A film by . . .
a silly short with an important message . . .
about Hollywood and film credits.


The Only Good Indian
A new film by Kevin Willmott (Mark von Schlemmer, co-editor) that was featured in the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.
A film by Kevin Willmott hitting the festival circuit in 2008 (Mark von Schlemmer, consulting editor)
A feature length documentary co-written & edited by Mark von Schlemmer. (Trailer on youtube here.)
A feature length narrative/musical edited by Mark von Schlemmer


A feature length faux-documentary "celebrating" the centennial of the South winning the Civil War. Written and directed by Kevin Willmott; assistant editor and post-production supervisor - Mark von Schlemmer

The 20th Annual Harvest of Arts Film Festival!

Lawrence, Kansas: This two hour, non-competitive feast of films by area filmmakers is currently seeking short films from the Midwest area for the 20th, yes, 20th installment of the festival.

Check out the Harvest of Arts Film Festival web site for more details and soon - archives of past festivals!

Created and produced by Mark von Schlemmer